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4. Ending Words

4.1 Going on

I have given to you only a small taste of Smalltalk. The true power of this language is under this surface, under the deep water of Object Oriented Programming.

Design Patterns and Smalltalk

About Design Patterns, a good text can be [AlpBroWoo98] Here you get a comparison of Design Patterns of the [GoF95] With this two books you can compare C++ and Smalltalk, looking how the two languages implements the same patterns.

Future of Squeak

Looking at Squeak 3.0 we see a powerful ide, for experimenting, developing and not only... it is a very fun environment! The Jitter Engine will give to Squeak a powerful VM, faster and free.

4.2 Commercial and free products list

The complete list is not-so-short.

I can give you a rouge idea:

Some of this products (as VisualWorks and Visual Age) are very big and multi platform, other are very very small and cheap (like Dolphin) so you can choose your preferred commercial product without worrying about it. If you like, try them in this order: Squeak, VisualWorks, SmalltalkX and VisualAge. You can get trial version of the latest 3 products (I have my preferred environments, but I will not say them me :-)

4.3 References

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